What To Look For In A Data Recovery Specialist

By March 4, 2018 Data Recovery

Have you lost all of your precious data on your hard drive? If the answer is yes, then you are probably looking for a data recovery specialist, such as Computer Fixperts. However, when hiring a data recovery specialist, it is imperative for you to remember that all professionals out there are not equal in terms of skill and quality. The fact of the matter is that you will need to put in great thought before you can make your choice of data recovery specialist. Here are some of the considerations that will aid you in making the right choice:

Experience and Reputation

When you speak of data recovery, it is a fact that every job is unique. What this means is that there is a need for experienced individuals who would be able to call upon their experience towards finding a way out of each and every data recovery predicament. This is the reason why you should look for such firms and professionals who have been on the data recovery landscape for a relatively long period of time. These professionals have got the technical and experiential abilities required to overcome the physical and logical challenges that come with every data recovery job.

On top of that, you could even consider hiring a firm or individual professional who is reputed to be a market leader in the world of data recovery. A good reputation is, generally, built upon successful jobs performed in the past. This can serve as a wonderful indicator—especially for such individuals who don’t know much about the data recovery market—when it comes to finding the perfect data recovery specialist for the job.

Price of the Job

Another factor that should influence your choice of data recovery specialist is the cost. While every person craves to save as much of their money as possible and hire the professionals who offer services at the cheapest rates, the fact of the matter is too much emphasis should never be put into cost-saving. It is because mediocre professional and firms often quote lower prices for their substandard services, in attempts to woo customers into hiring them. When faced with such a predicament, you need to ask yourself if such professionals will actually be able to get your precious data back or not. Substandard professionals attempt to increase the number of cases received per day through offering low prices, out of which they are only able to tackle a handful. What happens to the “other” jobs that such professionals lack the capability of catering to, is a question that remains to be asked.

Data is precious and money should not be a factor, especially when it comes to its recovery. It is recommended for you to only trust the best data recovery specialists—regardless of the prices that they might be demanding—owing to how the best services often come at a steep price.

Data Volume

If you find a data recovery specialist or firm that is quoting their prices based on the volume of data that needs to be recovered, then it is advisable for you to just walk away. The reason is simple: your data is not there to be put up for ransom. The importance of asking your potential data recovery specialist whether or not they will be charging you based on the number and sizes of the files that are needed to be recovered cannot be stressed upon enough.

The best data recovery specialists and professionals will not charge customers based on the volume of the data that needs to be recovered. Such specialists will provide you a quote for the recovery of your data, which will be independent of the quantity of data that might need to be recovered. Some of these reputable firms even offer a no recovery, no cost policy. According to this policy, you will not be charged for data recovery if the specialist is unable to recover your data. What this means is that you will only be paying for the results, without worrying about paying for the mere efforts!

False Claims

We all know how exaggerated claims are a part and parcel of marketing tactics, right? However, when it comes to marketing, there is a fine line between making exaggerated claims and false claims. Bearing that in mind, when you speak of a data recovery specialist, you should understand that even the best in the business cannot hope to offer a hundred percent recovery rate. Regardless of whether the data recovery specialists use the best data recovery software or send the hard disk to a third party service provider, it does not change the fact that a hundred percent recovery rate cannot be promised.

When you consider the nature of a data recovery job, you have got to say that there can never be an assurance of success. Hard drives are fragile devices that employ delicate mechanisms. What this means is that if a hard disk happens to get too badly damaged, there is a high probability that the lost data will never be recovered, regardless of how qualified and renowned your data recovery specialist might be. Therefore, if you find a specialist who claims that they can take care of all kinds of data recovery jobs, you would be better off if you walk away.

Do It Yourself

When you speak of hiring a data recovery specialist, you have to remember that you can make ends meet even without them. How? Well, there are a number of data recovery software applications available for you to benefit from. These software programs will not only recover your data but ensure that you don’t have to spend too much money doing it either.

Some of the best data recovery software programs include Stellar Data Recovery, MiniTool and EaseUS. These data recovery software will give you the best shot at the recovery of your precious data by yourself, without the need for any professional or specialist whatsoever!

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