What Happens When You Boil an iPhone 6 & Galaxy S6

By April 24, 2015 Experiments, Smart Phones
samsung galaxy s6 vs apple iphone 6


Whatttt!!? You’re probably wondering what would drive someone to boil two of the latest smart phones from Apple and Samsung? Despite the public outrage over the experiment, I bet you’re SO curious to find out which one survives the task. Read more below:

Say you’re making a delicious spaghetti dinner and your beloved iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6 accidentally falls into a pot of boiling water. How would your device hold up?

Unfortunately we don’t have to wonder any longer, because YouTuber TechRax decided to find out the answer to this, ahem, burning question. TechRax submerged both phones in a pot of boiling water to investigate which one would hold up longer.

Starting with a brand-new, fully working Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 , TechRax turned on the stopwatch app before dropping the devices in boiling water, side by side, at the same time. Keep in mind that both devices are most definitely not waterproof, so you shouldn’t try this at home.

After dunking them into the pot, the iPhone screen almost immediately turned white, then completely faded to black after just 10 seconds, while the Galaxy S6 keeps ticking. “Man, 10 seconds for the iPhone 6, what is this?” the YouTuber says in disbelief.

At 30 seconds, TechRax has to lower the heat to prevent the water from boiling over, but the Galaxy S6 is still going strong, keeping time. At 55 seconds, the Galaxy S6 screen briefly goes black, but then comes back on to display a warning message that the phone is overheating. At this point, you might be thinking that the Galaxy S6 is the winner, but not so fast.


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