The Latest MacBook Pro with Retina display review (13-inch, 2015)

By April 2, 2015 computers
 Check out this review on the newly released Macbook Pro. A slim, light build with long lasting battery life is sure to make everyone happy!

. That review will need to wait until next month. What we have here is the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. For all intents and purposes, it’s the same one we last tested in

” pad that responds differently depending on how hard you bear down on it. (A hard-press on the skip button in QuickTime, for instance, will let you fast-forward at warp speed.) In addition, the new MBP brings

you’d expect in a system refresh, including faster SSDs, fresh graphics and Intel’s latest Core processors. At $1,299-plus, it’s priced the same as before, and since the design and Retina display haven’t changed, you’re likely to enjoy it as much as you did the last-gen model. I can’t promise you’ll love the new touchpad, though.

The refreshed Retina display MacBook Pro brings faster performance and longer battery life, along with the same stunning screen and comfortable keyboard. This time around, though, Apple also traded in its already-best-in-class trackpad for a new, pressure-sensitive one. While it’s almost as comfortable to use as its predecessor, we’re not convinced these new touchpad tricks were worth making the switch. That said, the 13-inch Retina MBP remains one of the few laptops of this size that offers such long battery life and this kind of graphics clout.

If you already own a recent MacBook Pro, or have even futzed around an Apple Store, then you know what to expect here. The new MBP, like so many before it, is constructed from a seamless block of machined aluminum, with springy, well-spaced keys and a crisp 2,560 x 1,600 display, framed by a thin, barely there bezel. As before, the machine measures a slim 0.71 inch thick, though Apple is listing the weight as slightly heavier this time around: 3.48 pounds, as opposed to 3.46. Big whoop.


You can read more about the latest Mac at The Latest MacBook Pro with Retina display review (13-inch, 2015)




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