What Is Malware and How to Prevent It?

By April 19, 2017 Antivirus
What Is Malware and How to Prevent It

The on-going innovations which make the internet accessible for many have been great, yet some have been bad. Consequently, the internet has also caused easier access for identity theft and other cyber-related crimes.

Unknowingly, many people have been letting these perpetrators into their devices. This is due to “accidental” access of shady websites through what is called click bait. In consequence, computer operations become altered, and your security is threatened by what is known as malware. So, exactly what is malware and how to prevent it?

How It Works

Malware is a moniker for malicious software (ie trojans, root kits, spyware etc). This software is designed to alter your computer operations in a way which makes you susceptible to threats in security. Mostly, these threats aim to breach your privacy by eavesdropping on your electronic conversations. Therefore, this makes you vulnerable to identity theft, credit card compromise, and other horrible cyber crimes.

This computer contaminant is generally concealed behind an attractive ad or link (called click bait). Which when clicked, grants malware access to your computer. Having your computer breached by malware will make you more at risk to multiple attacks and infections. It is imperative that you protect yourself from these malware attacks.

What Is Malware and What is the Best way to Prevent ItWhat Is Malware and How to Prevent It: Malware Attacks!

Despite the threats that malware poses, there is a way to stop it from attacking your computer and inflicting more damage. There are three common ways to combat against malware attacks, and these are:

1. Physical isolation from other networks – To avoid contamination with other computers in a network, you can physically disconnect the infected computer from the network. This prevents the malware from attacking other neighbouring computers.

2. Using online security scanners – There are reputable websites which offer to scan other websites and also assess a user’s susceptibility to malware attacks.

3. Not clicking on attractive or shady ads – This decreases the chance of downloading concealed malware from a malicious website onto your computer.

4. Using antimalware and antivirus software – These are programs which are designed to scan your device in real-time every so often. They are used to check for malware and viruses and upon detection, quarantines or deletes these threats.

Anti-malware and anti-virus software work similarly when it comes to malware and computer viruses. They latch into the core of the unit’s operating system and operate through the permission of the user.

These are only three of the most common ways to prevent and fight against malware attacks.

Seek Professional Help

What Is Malware and How to Prevent ItOnce damage has become too extensive for your anti-malware and anti-virus programs to combat, formatting your computer is your last but least favorable option. Formatting can reset the content of your operating system on your computer.

This means all of your source files and data, including files which you deem important, will be deleted along with the embedded malware and also any viruses. If you find it difficult to format your computer on your own, we can help you with our qualified team of experts.

The increasing number of online threats to our computers regularly places your security at risk. Knowing how malware (and other related attackers) work can help you prevent or fight it. There are some ways to avoid or fight an attack. Although, the most efficient one is by using programs which have similar mechanisms as these kinds of software, to attack them (anti-malware and anti-virus programs).

So what is malware and how to prevent it? Now you know. Ultimately, if the damage is too elaborate, seek professional help to help you salvage your files and your system unit as a whole. With us, we can make sure that your computer is in safe hands.

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