Norton Security Premium
9 Rating /10
- Compatible with all operating systems. Including Windows, Mac, IOS & Android - Family orientated: Norton Security Premium can protect multiple devices across the family for a fair price, no matter what the device. - Parental Control: A great feature amongst parents. Parents can view what their children do on the web from their mobile device ensuring complete family safety from online threats or predators. - Speed: Online malicious threats can impact the performance of your computer. Norton eliminates malware before it becomes a problem, allowing your computer to run as it should. - Accessibility: Norton provides a clean, well-organised and easy to use layout that is accessible to all levels of expertise.
- Price: Norton in comparison to other products has a great offering, but at a cost. - Even though Norton is compatible with IOS, it's functionality is limited.
A top scorer in our best internet security software of the year! This internet security software comes with a comprehensive set of features which leave little room for us to want much more from the software developers. Norton is a no-brainer product that provides you and your family with the absolute best virus protection out there.
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Norton Security Premium

With the rise of antivirus software’s in the market, it can become difficult to depict between brands that are truly going to make a difference in the performance of your computer, as opposed to brands that are only trying to take consumers money. Norton Security Premium rest assures their customers that their device is in good hands with their highly developed software.

Providing a clean, organized, easy to navigate interface, Norton’s features are known for being functional, useful, and at the disposal of users. Helpful by preventing and ridding devices of infections such as viruses, worms, malware, or spyware, this antivirus system is at consumer fingertips. The online threats that exist in the cyber world can have damaging effects on devices, but Norton Security Premium promises their customers the absolute highest quality software, or their money back!

The history of Norton dates back 25 years ago when it was in the process of being created. Developed by an educated, motivated team of security experts, this antivirus software was designed and distributed by Symantec Corporation, protecting millions of customers in 28 different countries as of today. Norton’s current team of developers, continue to strive in finding new, more efficient ways of fighting digital crime, so that you don’t have to.  Ever since this high functioning system was released, Norton products have remained at the head of computer security.

Viruses and online threats lead to devices not working properly, in many cases never working again, flushing all the time, money, and effort consumers put forward in obtaining their device down the drain. This malware software uses the traditional method of sensing threats on devices, and if or when malicious activity or software is located, the application is promptly removed.

Norton is intended for all levels of expertise, ranging from teens, adults, to the elderly. Providing top of the line care to ensure the durability of your device lasts a lifetime, the amazing features that Norton takes pride in having, stands out from the competition, being one of the highest ranked in the world. Judging from the multiple, winning awards Norton Security Premium has received, consumers can be confident that their devices are fully protected.

While the decision of selecting the right brand computer or device may be complex, choosing your antivirus software is not. Attaining many winning medals, Norton products are a favorite among consumers for a number of reasons. They are compatible with most operating systems, ideal for families, prevent viruses, infections, or malware, make devices as effective and fast as they once were upon purchase, and are highly accessible. Truth being told, Norton Security Premium offers endless benefits and features. Not only do consumers get access to parental control features, email protection, technical support when using Norton, but they also get this and more all at an affordable cost! If Norton does not live up to this promise, they offer a 100% money back guarantee!

System Requirements

Before purchasing an antivirus software or program, it is important to be sure that it coincides with the system requirements of your device. Does Norton work with Windows computers? How about Android devices? The answer is yes! The accessibility and compatibility Norton has among different operating systems is incredible. While many antivirus systems run solely on one operating system, Norton Security Premium runs on almost all operation systems including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Norton offers individual, multi-device, or family packages, ensuring that their software will work on all devices among the household, keeping devices secure, all while saving money! This small factor distinguishing them from their competition by providing consumers and their families safe from online threats. No matter the device you and your family decide to purchase, Norton Security Premium is ready and equipped to combat any infection from entering your device or the device or your loved ones.


The many features within Norton Security Premium are what makes this software so efficient, reliable, and applicable to the needs of consumers.  With a thorough analysis of the features Norton products contain, consumers will understand why Norton Security Premium has the success rate that it does, rising among the competition.  It’s important to take the effectiveness and speed, protection and scanning, consumer control, and pricing of an antivirus software before making a final decision on the software to purchase for your PC or device.


Life moves at such a rapid rate and we want our devices to move quickly along with us! Norton allows your device to run at the same speed from when you first purchased your device, by identifying any issues that may be slowing down the performance of your computer, laptop, or tablet, by offering possible solutions. This trustworthy software is so effective in distinguishing unsafe website domains from safe content and relaying that information to the user.

How Norton works is it blocks unsafe websites, alerts you when you try to run a risky site, and if you’re participating in the family protection plan, notifies you when someone else in the household reached a malicious web page. This makes sure you and your device are safe from any domains that can cause harm. However, users do have the option of continuing to run a dangerous site, but they must be fully aware that if they do, they may be inviting in malware

The professional design and development of Norton Security Premium makes it a top performer in the market. Its extreme effectiveness to depict computer malware from safe content is remarkable. Norton consists of a reporting tool that does a fantastic job, not only in identifying underlying issues, but in notifying the user of the problem, in comprehensible terms. The easy to fix solutions Norton offers, clean up your device in a matter of minutes, leaving it like new. If for any reason you or a loved one suspect something suspicious while using your PC, that Norton may not be reading, technical support is there to help!

Norton Security Premium pride themselves in the 24/7 customer care they give their clients directly from the user interface. Agents are available to answer any questions, no matter how small, at any time of the day. You can reach Norton’s website at to receive free and accessible help through email, phone, or even chat. For any additional questions regarding this software or your subscription, a technical support representative will gladly take your call to answer any of your questions.

Protection and Scanning

Not only is Norton Security Premium effective in terms of speed, it also backs up important files and documents in the case of an uneventful occurrence. Files like photos, movies, music, and documents are backed up in the cloud, keeping them safe and free from harm. Users can back up their files weekly or monthly depending on their preference, in the case of your device breaking or becoming inoperable.

Through Norton’s safe and reliable scanning feature, harmful emails will never cause damage to your computer or device again. Norton also detects when emails and links sent to you are coming from untrusted sources, ridding them immediately. Spam emails that have the potential to hurt your PC will never be a problem again. Yes! This means no more scam emails congratulating you of the free cruise you just won or the large lump of money you were just inherited. The fake services in the cyber world that are out to get your money will never be a problem again.

By using Norton’s on-demand scan, you are able to scan your device for any possible threats. When the scanning process is over Norton removes, fixes, and resolves all threats detected. This process can be done by the computer administrator to limit the threats that your computer fixes. If you choose not to use the on-demand scan, be rest assured that Norton will efficiently continue to resolve any digital threats. The on-demand feature was built for users to run their own scans, when they believe something may be threatening their computer or when it’s running slow. It provides you with the needed information to keep you up to date with what is going on with your device.

If you’re computer or device already suffers from a virus or spyware, Norton offers immediate virus removal help, 24/7. The process is quick, easy, and does not require you to leave your home. Get in touch with a Norton specialist to find out more on how you can remove an already existed virus from your PC. If you are an existing owner of Norton Security Software, it is possible that you already have access to this virus removal service. If you do not have it, it is also available separately.


Parental Control

The world wide web is prone to containing insecure domains. Because it is not safe 100% of the time, parents need to take control of the sites their children visit. As parents, we want to know what our children are being exposed to on the internet. Norton offers an award-winning parental control software that will make it safer for your kids to explore the web, all at an affordable price. With this family-oriented feature, parents will never have to worry about the sites their children come across, by monitoring their activity in a discreet, safe way.

In only a matter of minutes, the parental feature in Norton can be put to use. You can access this feature on your mobile device or personal computer. You will begin by creating a profile for all of your children, including personal information. Norton then makes sure that your children do not (for any reason) give their personal information online. In the case of an event where your child is giving out personal information, Norton will shoot out a warning and notify you immediately. There is no limit to the number of children or devices you can include in this feature, keeping your entire family safe.

Having complete control, parents define cyber rules for each of their children individually. While each child can have the same rules, we give parents the flexibility and power to customize their children’s online access. Norton Security Premium will identify any potential danger your child comes across and notifies you personally before these dangers become problems. At any given moment you can view your child’s activity from the comfort of your mobile device. You have the power of filtering out specific web pages and offering warnings when they try to view a website you don’t agree with. This feature even allows you to customize warning messages explaining to your child why the website they are attempting to run in unsafe.

The most important factor here is keeping your children safe from online predators, bullies, and other online threats they may be vulnerable in encountering. Parents can do just this by utilizing the parental control Norton offers. This award winning feature has touched the homes of many consumers, giving them the self-assurance and control they need to be able to control their children’s access to the world wide web. It is rated among the best features Norton has to offer, keeping families safe.

How much does Norton Security Premium Cost?

Norton offers individual, multi-device, or household packages that can save you a tremendous amount of money in comparison to other brands. Aside from their affordable pricing, they have limited time offers and promotions throughout the year, guaranteeing a great deal! You even have the option of gifting Norton to your loved ones, equipping them with lifelong cyber security.

While it is true that there are antivirus software’s available to consumers at no cost, it is important to keep in the mind the features that Norton holds. Free antivirus programs can only do so much in means of protecting your PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Norton Security Premium guarantees the full protection of your device. The investment in Norton products brings many benefits in return that free antivirus software’s may not have.

The creators of this incredible software wanted to be sure they could create an all-around great product, targeting the problems faced by users, all at an affordable price. After all, you cannot put a price tag on the security of your family. It is important to keep them safe from online threats as well as protecting the device you worked so hard in obtaining. With individual subscriptions beginning at $59.99, you are sure to find a product you’ll love! You can save money by purchasing a package that gives you Norton licenses for your entire family. If you are not satisfied with the product, Norton offers a 100% money back guarantee!



Norton Security Premium rises above the competition by becoming a leading software in the world. The benefits of Norton Security Premium are many and have proven to provide better and faster care than that of the competition.

Among these benefits are the following:

  • Compatibility: This software is compatible and able to work effectively among various operation systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOS.
  • Family Oriented: Norton Security Premium protects multiple devices in the same household all for a fair price. This is an advantage in comparison to other software’s because it can protect multiple devices in the same home, no matter the operating system.
  • Parental Control: This feature is a favorite among consumers, in particular parents. With parental control, parents can view what their children do on the web from their mobile device, ensuring they are not viewing inappropriate content or attracting viruses.
  • Speed: Online threats can cause your PC or device to slow down in terms of speed. What Norton does is eliminates malware before it becomes a problem, allowing your device to return to its natural speed.
  • Accessibility: Norton provides a clean, well-organized, easy to use interface that is accessible to all levels of expertise!
  • Technical support – Most importantly, if you run into a problem, Norton’s agents are always available to lend a helping hand 24/7, no matter your location.

The Norton team is constantly conducting research to make their products better, with the aspirations of reaching out to even more consumers who wish to give their devices better care.



While Norton software and products offer a variety of benefits, there are also some downfalls to consider as well.

  • Price: In comparison with other antivirus programs, Norton’s prices are higher. It’s true that there are free antivirus softwares like AVG Free that will cost you no money to protect your PC.
  • iOS Limitations: Though Norton is compatible with most operating systems, it’s protection for iOS devices is limited, requiring better backup file syncing.

All advantages and disadvantages must be taken into consideration to decide if Norton Security Premium is the right software for you!


Customer testimonials show the satisfaction Norton security brings them. Some favorite attributes of Norton that customers share include Norton’s professional staff who take control and work until the virus is cleaned out of computers. Other customers love how their once inoperable computers were fixed by Norton technicians, when they thought their computer would never turn on again.

Norton Security Premium stands out from competing brands by offering remarkable antivirus protection to devices on Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS operating systems. Through this analyzation of downfalls and benefits, we can conclude that Norton brings more to the table than the majority of antivirus software. It’s absolutely the right product, at the right price!

Norton Security Premium has received more awards than any other existing security company. Winning PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award 37 times since their founding, we can conclude their products are the absolute greatest antivirus detection software the market has ever seen! Buy today to defend your PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile device from the harmful threats and malware the web brings while taking advantage of its incredible features. The time to secure and protect your computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet begins with a single subscription. Give your PC the care it needs, and it will last you a lifetime. Norton Security Premium exceeds customer expectations, rising above the competition.

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