What is Remote Access Software?

Society as a whole is more mobile than ever before. People are constantly on the go, whether it’s for work or for pleasure. It’s not irregular to find yourself far away from the work you need to do or the people you want to spend time with. That’s where remote access software comes in.

Remote access software can be utilized as a fantastic tool to connect and communicate through technology, no matter where you are. By setting up remote access capabilities, companies and individuals are able to access and control computers from totally different locations as though the monitors were directly in front of them. Users can even share their desktop with another person temporarily, allowing others to see what they’re doing while they’re doing it.


How Does It Work?

Remote access services have been around in different capacities for a couple decades now, but they didn’t flourish and become so widespread until broadband internet was more prevalent and widely used. But how exactly does remote access software function?

It’s not nearly as complicated as it may seem, and it is fairly simple to install. Essentially, this type of software allows one computer to access information from another computer at any distance when connected to the internet or any other network.

A host computer connects to a service provider through a secure channel, allowing the remote user- whose location can be anywhere that has internet connectivity- to log on and connect to the host computer. This enables users to share information on their devices with other people from any distance, quickly and easily. And generally, it only takes moments to connect! Easy and effective.

This technology allows users to do things simply. You’re able to access and share a desktop with another computer, controlling the mouse and keyboard capabilities from your own device. In the current age, a lot of this software is even friendly for smartphones. This allows even more accessibility and ease as you travel. You’re able to back up information on devices, which saves space on your hard drive for more pertinent information and makes sure your data stays safe and secure in case a computer or device is damaged. This software encourages you to move about your life unhindered with little worry.

What’s the user experience like though? Generally, very simple. The setup and installation is fairly easy for users. Currently, many of the major remote access software programs are available for download online. In addition, lots of providers offer downloads for various devices and platforms- from Android Smartphones to Macbooks and PCs. The downloads are as easy as pushing a button and often don’t take long to install. Once programs are downloaded, users are guided to set up accounts and begin connecting to other devices.


Who Is This Technology For?

Remote access software is widely used for countless purposes. It can benefit all people in various ways, no matter who you are. No matter your specific needs and desires.

Picture this: You work at a company that manufactures computers and routinely need to assist customers with installation processes and help them troubleshoot issues. Instead of making house visits that use up both time and money, you can connect to someone’s computer remotely and help them solve problems. Talking someone through a process while simultaneously showing them on their screen is just as effective as being there in person.

Or perhaps you’re away on a business trip and really miss your family. You usually spend the evenings at home with your daughter, reading and drawing. Because of remote access capabilities, you can access your home computer and draw on an application while your daughter watches the screen. You can talk and laugh and spend quality time even while you’re far away.

These are just a couple of the instances when remote access software can come in handy. It’s a tool for everyone. From businesses looking to expand their reach internationally and assist customers more cost effectively, to an adult grandson guiding his grandmother through the process of setting a family photo as her desktop background. Remote access software allows technology- and in turn people, experiences, and ideas- to connect across the globe with the click of a button.


Why Do You Need It?

If you’re a business owner, this type of software can totally change the game. The ability to access computers and information remotely can enhance productivity. It gives you the freedom to travel where you need to and still manage your business while on the road. This can save substantial amounts of money as well, by cutting out middle services and getting straight to your real information.

This technology can also encourage a happier, more productive workplace. If your employees are able to stay connected to their office from any location, they will have more flexibility to work from home when life requires that of them. This means parents won’t have to make the hard choices between work and family. It makes work more accessible to employees, giving them the power to work from wherever they need to be.

Additionally, using remote access software gives you the choice to minimize your hardware dependence. Remote access programs work across many devices and platforms, making it easy to cut back on expensive and bulky hardware. By going to a client-server model with remote access software, a business owner is able to limit the necessity of advanced hardware primarily to the server. When one larger server processes information, thin-clients are able to access the central server through a network connection. The client devices don’t require large amounts of processing on their hardware because they can depend on the server to compute information. This can save companies substantial funds and diminish the hassle of hardware maintenance and constant upgrades.

Not only are the benefits of remote access software abundant in a work setting, but this technology can also make life with family and friends simpler and meaningful. You can easily share stories and snapshots of your life with people you care about with photo sharing capabilities. You can stay better connected to the ones you love in active ways, seeing their faces and sharing moments even at great distances.


Some Pros and Cons of Remote Access Software


Cost Effective

With many programs available at varying price points (there is even software available for free download and trial periods) the remote access software itself is not a huge investment monetarily. When you examine the amount of money businesses can save because of the software, it’s an incredible bargain to utilize this technology!

Minimizes Hardware Need and Requirements

Because the central server does the majority of computing, there is much less required of the client hardware that is working remotely. This makes it easier for companies to adequately maintain hardware, backup data to higher-functioning, more secure servers, and rest assured that they can connect to the information they need on almost any device.

Allows Employees to Work Remotely

This technology gives employees the flexibility and ease of working outside of the office. This format for a business has many benefits for both the company as a whole and the individual employee’s personal and family life. Staff who have remote access capabilities may be more motivated to work when they are in a comfortable surrounding and creativity strikes. When people can mold their work to fit into their lives they can thrive more as individuals. That sort of positive attitude and productive mentality can carry over to the company.

The ability for employees to work remotely also broadens the scope of talent accessible to companies. If staff can work remotely no matter where they live, companies will have more people with different skill sets available to them. This also can save overhead costs on office space, equipment, and maintenance.

Easy to Set Up and Install

Because most software companies have programs available that can be downloaded through their websites, it is incredibly simple for users to install remote access software onto their computers. These sites provide step by step instructions and tutorials on how to utilize and customize this technology so it meets your individual needs.

Many Options on the Market

With the popularity of remote access software growing, the number of programs available to the consumer continues to climb as well. Different brands and software programs cater to different types of users and business needs.  This allows the user even more control over their individual experience of using remote access technology.


System Errors

As with anything, if you rely on information that is not saved directly to your device, occasionally system errors can occur and it may be temporarily difficult to access materials that you need. Even so, remote access software gives the user almost constant access to a much larger amount of information than most people are able to carry on a Smartphone or standard laptop device.

Dependence on Internet and Network Connectivity

Similarly, this technology may not be as effective when the user is in a remote location with poor internet or lack of network connection. But because of the widespread nature of internet access and the increasingly large ranges that network providers can reach- as well as availability of technology such as hotspots- it’s easy to stay connected no matter where you travel.

Could Be More Approachable for the Novice User

While companies design and market this software as user friendly, it can be a bit daunting when first learning how the programs function and how to best utilize them. Fortunately, this very same software allows companies to work with users more closely and effectively while still at a distance- helping to clarify any uncertainties and answer questions during the process of set up.


Main Features

While not all remote access software programs are created equally, the majority share a common base of key features and uses.

Connection with Remote Customers and Clients

Through this software, companies have the ability to better assist clients that are far away from them. A prime example of this technology in action is when IT professionals utilize desktop sharing capabilities to help individuals troubleshoot computer issues and solve problems. While the client may be far away, the service they receive is as if the IT professional is sitting directly next to them.

Connection with Remote Staff Members

Similarly, employees are able to connect to office computers and servers from any location, allowing them unlimited possibilities to be productive.

Application and File Sharing

With remote access services, individuals can open and modify information stored in applications that are downloaded on a main computer or server. This gives many opportunities to both work and play from any distance. It also lets people rest easy knowing they can get to the things they need when they need them, from anywhere. This includes files and documents, as most remote access software enables easy file sharing.

Connection With Others

Most types of remote access software have chat and video features allowing people to easily communicate with one another. This is helpful in a work setting while helping a client troubleshoot a problem and also when catching up with a dear friend or relative.


Common FAQ


What is typically the price range of this type of software?


The price essentially depends on the type and extent of service provided, but the majority of remote access software is very affordable for both individuals and businesses. On average, individuals may expect to pay around $5 per month of service or a one-time fee averaging in at about $100.


Is remote access technology and software safe to use?


It’s understandable that people may fear utilizing remote access software because it seems like it could open your computer and information to unsafe or unauthorized activity. But this is generally a misguided fear! Most remote access software programs contains powerful built-it mechanisms for ensuring security.


How do I install remote access software on my device?


This depends on the device, but whether you have a desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone there is most likely software built specifically to work with your operating system. Take a look at the many options and you’ll find the perfect software to fit your needs!