As a computer repairs and IT support business, we see HEAPS of customers experiencing issues that originate directly from malicious software. We have all the latest tools and product knowledge to combat these software threats and restore normal working computers back to their defaults.

The most common questions we get from our customers are usually along the lines of: What is the best antivirus? Which Internet security do I install? Do i need antivirus software for my mac? I thought only Windows computers got viruses? How can I best protect my computer?

Malicious software comes in many forms and whilst there are programs that can cater for most needs, there can be specific security software to cater for specific malicious threats.

Best Malware Protection for Windows

When we say malware, we are really referring to the broad term used to describe “malicious software”. Malware can take many forms including worms, ransomeware, trojans, viruses, rootkits etc. Malicious software threatens our personal lives every day, if we aren’t protected against these threats, such as stealing personal information or corrupting personal files in return for a ransome we are victim to the hackers. Secure your PC today with the best malware protection available as per our tests.

Best Computer Protection For Windows

If you’re always on your computer browsing the net, checking emails, paying bills with online banking, inputting sensitive passwords then you need a form of computer protection software. Antimalware, antivirus, internet security and antispyware software are all froms of “computer protection” While there are so many products available on the market, they are definetly not created equal. We recommend investing in a paid version of the software to give yourself the best protection online against malicious threats.

Best Antivirus Software for Windows

While there are plenty of Windows antivirus programs to pick from which are both free and paid, they are not all created equal. Free windows antivirus software can provide value if you have low security requirements or expectations. Paid protection really is the best option for complete online security against malicious software. We’ve done the hard work for you and reviewed the best antivirus for Windows. Take a look!

Best Internet Security

Internet security is another term used in conjunction with antivirus. While antivirus offers primary features around protecting you against malicious software, internet security offers more of a focus on your personal details security. Such examples of this kind of protection would be online banking, passwords, password managers, keyloggers and other credential related tasks you may perform online. Take a look at our top picks for the leading internet security software available for both Windows and Mac