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Brisbane’s Preferred Phone Repairs Service!

Computer Fixperts with its team of phone repair techniicans based in Milton, Brisbane QLD are the preferred service provider for repairing numerous issues arising with mobile phones. Whether you need iphone repairs, Samsung Galaxy repairs, Sony Xperia repairs, or other android mobile phone repairs, we can definietly assist you.

Regardless of the problems you have with your mobile phone, whether it is a power issue or battery, liquid issue, or broken phone screen; you can rest assured that Computer Fixperts will provide you with a great level of satisfaction once you receive your repaired mobile phone.

With our extensive experience of serving the phone and telecommunications industry, you can rest assured that your mobile phone will be repaired right the first time. Whatever the mobile phone issue, you can be confident it’ll feel “like new” again!



As Brisbane’s preferred phone repair service provider for all types of mobile problems of different brands or makes of mobile phones, our Brisbane based phone repair technicians aim to provide you the highest quality of service and most outstanding phone repairs compared to anyone else in the Brisbane phone industry. Our team are made up of highly professional staff and phone repair technicians who have wide knowledge and experience in dealing with all kinds of mobile problems. This means that once you choose Computer Fixperts, you can be assured that your phone is in safe hands.

We are also utilizing the best technology and replacement parts available. With our streamlined processes in our services, our job is done faster and easier, giving our Brisbane customers reduced waiting time. Even though we repair your phone quickly, you can always expect that the quality of the repair services remain high. In addition, even though we use the best materials and technology in all our Brisbane phone repair services, you can also have peace of mind that our prices remain competitive.


What Can You Expect From Us

Being a local Brisbane based phone repairs business, we take our work seriously and want to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. “REPLACEMENT” is not always a good option, especially with your phones, given the cost of purchasing a new iphone or android mobile phone can be around a thousand dollars! Because of our ideologies and hard work, we are now enjoying the highest level of integrity, credibility, and reputation that we are willing to share with you. In addition to this, we are also pushing through in maintaining, or even exceeding further, what we have and give right now, through:

  • FAST PHONE REPAIR SERVICES by coming in to our agents store in Milton, Brisbane.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED on all mobile phone repairs we carry out
  • AFFORDABILITY and RELIABILITY on all our services we offer. We do our best to remain competive on all phone repairs in Brisbane compared to our competitors. Cheaper price elsewhere? Give us a call today!
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT in assisting you whenever you need help. We stand by our phone repairs. If you have a problem give us a call.
  • HONESTY in offering you a realistic idea on repairing the problems your phone is having. We are not the type of company that will take advantage of our customers. We will not waste your time and money for the kind of service that will just give you frustration. Upon the process of testing and examination of your phone, our technicians will discuss with you whether or not the problems of your phone can still be fixed, need for parts replacement, or if the phone problems has the tendency of recurring. We do not intend to risk our reputation by giving our customers false information; that is why, we are putting great emphasis on our HONESTY.



As your trusted mobile phone service provider, here are some of the things that we fix:

  • Faulty or Missing Key Function

We understand how important every function and key in your phone. If you happen to notice that some of the functions of your phone is getting faulty, missing, or inactive, our offered service will resolve this problem. With the expertise of our technicians, you can expect that your phone will be fixed in the fastest time possible.

  • Damaged Phone Screen Repairs

One of the common problems that you might encounter with your phone is screen damage. This happens if you accidentally drop your phone or the screen is hit by a hard object. Though there are some screen protectors that can save your phone, sometimes the impact of dropping the phone might provide inner damage. Typical occurrence is the shadowing or having a black spot on the screen. With the knowledge of our technicians, you can expect that they will repair the problem in the utmost level in order to make you feel happy and satisfied.

  • Battery or Power Issues

Regular usage of your phone can produce problems with battery life. Sometimes you might notice that the battery continuously drains with light usage. Phone battery issues can be the source for other possible problems; that is why, you should take extra attention with this. With the skills and advice that you can have from our technicians, you will enjoy the benefit of giving your battery an extended life. If you do not know yet, having numerous applications working at the same time can be the main source of fast dying of the battery; therefore turning off some applications that you do not need can be a great option in fixing battery or power issues.



We like to make fixing your mobile phone as easy and convenient as possible. That’s why here at Computer Fixperts we make it convenient for you to contact us. You can call us on 1800 706 676 or email us at [email protected] – Upon reaching us, our customer service representatives will handle your concerns with the highest diligence and respect. Give us a call today, Computer Fixperts agents are ready to assist you today.